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Hernstein Capital Set   Tiencken Surgical Set   Snowden Post Mortem Set  
Kern Post Mortem Set   Brinkerhoff Stomach Pump
USA Hosp Dept Hernstein 3 Tier Set
USA Hospital Dept. Hernstein Trephine Set
USA Hospital Department Kolbe Four Tier Civil War Surgical Set
Weiss Cased Civil War Amputation Set

USA Hospital Department Civil War Amputation Set
by George Tiemann
From The Collection of Dr. Scott Watson.

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USA Hospital Department Tiemann Civil War Amputation Set

George Tiemann was a major supplier (probably the largest supplier) of surgical instruments to Union forces during the civil war. According to Edmonson American Surgical Instruments his company address was 63 Chathum street from 1855-1863 and 67 Chathum street in 1864-1865. This set has a mahogany case with single sliding lock typical for military sets. It has two tiers which sit on top of each other rather than in the top and bottom of the case as most do. The Tiemann 63 Chathum St address is still present on the upper lid. Others have suggested this particular type of Tiemann set was recommended by Dr Frank Hamilton and would date from the first two years of the war. Although it has a major amputation saw, knives, and needles it lacks many of the instruments for a three or four tier set seen later in the war. There are no bullet probes, extractors, urinary catheters, etc. The majority of instruments are marked in old English font of "Tiemann". The capitol saw is marked Tiemann and Co, New York. I believe this is a civil war era instrument mark although others have suggested it is not. Included below is a picture grouping of several instruments demonstrating the various fonts used by Tiemann during the civil war by permission of Dr James Edmonson from American Surgical Instruments

tiemann civil war script

tiemann civil war

U.S. Army Hospital Department

tiemann amputation saw

civil war medical tools

civil war amputation set

tiemann capital saw

tiemann amputation knife

George Tiemann Civil War Surgical Set

civil war surgical tools


Civil War Surgical Sets by Hermann Hernstein & Co., Horatio G. Kern, George Tiemann, D.W. Kolbe
Wade and Ford, Snowden, Gemrig, Kuemerle,
Helmold, Otto & Reynders, Max Worcher, Brinkerhoff, Rees,
Codman and Shurtleff, Tiencken.

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Hernstein Civil War Capital Set
Tiencken Civil War Surgical Set
Snowden Civil War Post Mortem Set
Kern Civil War Post Mortem Set
Brinkerhoff Civil War Stomach Pump
USA Hosp Dept Hernstein 3 Tier Set
USA Hospital Dept. Hernstein Trephine Set
USA Hosp. Dept. Kolbe Four Tier Civil War Surgical Set
Weiss Cased Civil War Amputation Set
Kolbe Civil War U.S.A. Hosp. Dept. Pocket Case
Hernstein Early Civil War Cased Trephine Set

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