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The list of books below are wanted if published between 1858 and 1865. We are interested in any Civil War Medical books that are marked U.S.A. Hosp. Dept., U.S.A. Hospital Department, U.S.A. Medical Department, or any other variation of that marking.

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A Brief Plea For An Ambulance System For The Army Of The United States by Henry Bowditch
A Manual for the Medical Officers of the United States Army by Charles Greenleaf
A Manual of Etherization by Charles T. Jackson
A Manual of Instruction for Enlisting and Discharging Soldiers by Bernard and Huette
A Manual of Instructions for Enlisting and Discharging Soldiers by Roberts Bartholow
A Manual of Military Surgery by Frank Hastings Hamilton
A Manual of Military Surgery by John Packard
A Manual of Military Surgery by Julian J. Chisolm
A Manual of Military Surgery Prepared for the Use of the Confederate States Army by Samuel Preston Moore
A Manual of Military Surgery, For Use of Surgeons of the C.S.A. by Julian Chisolm
A Manual of Operative Surgery by Bernard and Huette
A Practical Treatise on Fractures and Dislocations by Frank Hastings Hamilton
A Report on Hospital Gangrene by Middleton Goldsmith
A System of Surgery by Samuel D. Gross
A Treatise on Gunshot Wounds by Thomas Longmore
A Treatise on the Transport of Sick and Wounded Troops by Thomas Longmore
The Pathology and Treatment of Venereal Diseases by Bumstead
An Epitome of Practical Surgery for Field and Hospital by Edward Warren
Anatomy Descriptive and Surgical by Henry Gray
Chemistry by Brande and Taylor
Commentaries on the Surgery of War by G.J. Guthrie
Consolidated Statement of Gunshot Wounds
Directions to Army Surgeons on the Field of Battle by G.J. Guthrie
Diseases of the Chest by Gerhard
Elements of Medical Jurisprudence by Beck
Gunshot Wounds, and Other Injuries of Nerves by Weir Mitchell, Morehouse, and Keen
Handbook for the Military Surgeon by Charles Tripler
Handbook of Surgical Operations by Stephen Smith
Have We the Best Possible Ambulance System by Francis Palfrey
History of the Satterlee U. S. A. Gen. Hospital by Nathaniel West
Hospital Transports by Frederick Law Olmstead
Leaves From the Diary of an Army Surgeon by Thomas Ellis
Lectures on Materia Medica by Beck
Manual of Instructions for Military Surgeons by John Ordronaux
Manual of Operative Surgey Bernard and Huette
Medical Formulary by Benjamin Ellis
Memoranda Medica by Henry Hartshorne
Military Medical and Surgical Essays by William Hammond
On Excision of Joints by Richard Hodges
Outlines of the Chief Camp Diseases of the United States Armies by Joseph Javier Woodward
Photographs of Surgical Cases and Specimans by George A. Otis
Principles and Practice of Medicine by John Hughes Bennett
Relating to the Positions of Hospitals at Gettysburg by Weir Mitchell
Surgical Anatomy by John Hatch Power
The Ambulance Surgeon or Observations on Gunshot Wounds by Louis Appia
The American Journal of the Medical Sciences 1861-66
The Army Surgeon's Manual by William Grace
The Dispensatory of the United States by Wood and Bache
The Principles and Practice of Modern Surgery by Robert Druitt
The Science and Art of Surgery by Eric Erichsen
Therapeutics and Materia Medica by Alfred Stille

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