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Medical Jurisprudence

by Alfred S. Taylor
Published by Blanchard and Lea
Bound in original leather covers.
697 pages.

Signed by Confederate surgeon J.S. Wharton, C.S.A and bears the bookplate of Joel Wilbur Hyde, United States Army surgeon for the 29th Connecticut Infantry.

Bookplate of Civil War surgeon Joel Wilbur Hyde, 1865

Inked Signature of Confederate surgeon John S. Wharton, C.S.A. on ffep

Signature of J.S. Wharton, 1856 on ffep

About John S. Wharton

John S. Wharton is listed as graduated from the Jefferson Medical College in 1858. He was born in Virginia. In the mid 19th century doctors recieved their degree in a two year program. (the pencil signature of Wharton above reads 1856, his 1st year as a student at Jefferson Medical College). Here is his bio from the Directory of Deceased Surgeons:

Wharton was a Confederate surgeon and served at Chimborazo Hospital. Below are excerpts from the website, Civil War Richmond. Click the links to visit the site and give it a second to load:

Confederate Surgeons at Richmond
Wharton reference cut from the site and pasted below, Assistant Surgeon:

Wharton Absent From Service at Chimborazo
Wharton reference cut from the site and pasted below:

J.S. Wharton listed as Employee of Chimborazo Hospital, Assistant Surgeon
Wharton reference cut from the site and pasted below:

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